Thursday, January 27, 2011


photograph via photogra+phas
I find myself drawn to the prospect of new beginnings, a new chapter, a new year, even Sundays. Growing up I would make an extensive list of things I would change in my new beginnings. Lists for every new year, new diets I would start the next month, or on a Sunday. Lists for each grade in highschool, and for college...lists that I rarely ever accomplished anything on.

I also just started graduate school and quickly realized my assumption that my study habits would drastically change from those of my undergrad have been completely unfounded. I am still drawn to the couch, (recently discovering Netflix on my Wii has not helped!) But I have now reached one of the biggest "new beginnings" of my life, my marriage. Experience has finally taught me to not rely on extensive lists for change. I will not suddenly become selfless, constantly sweet and encouraging, or love to cook overnight!

I love this new beginning, but I am only putting one word on my list.


Courage to fight the apathy that can loom over my world. Courage to seek a stronger relationship with God. Courage to become a better person, for myself and for Josh. Courage to reach out to those around me. Courage to step out side of my comfort zone.

Courage to grow.


  1. What a beautiful post! I love making courage a "theme" in life.

  2. Just found your blog :) Good luck with grad school! And YES, your study habits WILL change least, they did for me. It was do or die. So go and DO, girl!

  3. beautiful picture and blog:)