Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Spray Painting Addiction

I have recently discovered that spray painting is very addicting. It is so much fun transforming the old and ugly to something beautiful. Here are the first few things I ever painted...
This hideous lamp was a steal at marshalls do to a crack in the base and that terrible color. .

one coat of eggplant spray paint later.

This urn cost $2 at my favorite thrift store. It looks so much better in navy. I am planning on putting some sort of greenery in it.

These bookends cost $5 at a thrift store and got a glossy white coat of enamel. I later saw these at a really nice antique store for $98(!!!!) which means I either ruined some really expensive bookends, or that place is insanely overpriced. Either way, I think they look better!

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