Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photomicrograph Art

About a week ago, Josh and I went to see Tree of Life with some friends. My feelings about the movie were very conflicted. On one level I was entranced by the visuals and incredible acting, but the film seemed a little ambitious and too abstract for my tastes. However, the microscopic images displayed during the film were stunning. It made me wonder if microscopic images as art pieces without looking like a science lab.
Of course, after some research I discovered a whole world of this art form. Microscopic images present patterns and colors not found in gross nature, but only under the eye of a microscopic. I particularly love that it takes mundane objects and elevates them. I love a quote I found of Margaret Oechsli (whose images are below) that states "there is a complex, hidden matrix underlying our fragile human environment that only photomicrography can view." The following images belong to Margaret Oechsli and can be found here.

Saponin 5x
Abrazane 25x
Oxalplatin 25x
EXTA 10x
Another website I found showed microscopic images of various alcoholic beverages. These were surprising beautiful, I would love to hang them over a bar. The process of how they take these was interesting as well and can be found here.
Pina Colada, this one reminds me of peacock feathers!
Amber Ale

Last of all, some random ones I discovered and loved!

Moth Wings

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