Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whitewashed Pine Walls

Since I am a full-time grad student, and Josh has given up his teaching job to return to school, we are quite financially strained this year! Because of this, we will be moving to my in-law's property about 45 min. outside of Dallas. Of course, I am so grateful we have chance to finish school in a timely fashion without ending up in the poor house, but it will be hard to leave Dallas and our little homey house I have worked so hard on.

We will have a great little farmhouse on their land, and as soon as I walked in, my mind starting racing with new decorating possibilities. is hard to overlook the orangey-yellow unfinished pine that covers every inch of the house. It's soooooo rustic. Not my style at all. I know we won't be there very long, but Josh and I are both very affected by our aesthetic environment. Also, it's such a great house, and pine can be Beautiful! I think it's untapped potential is hard for me to ignore. It could be so pretty!! We have already been told that painting is out of the question, but staining (as of now) is not. I would love to do a semi-transparent whitewash stain. It still shows the knots of the pine, but cuts that terrible color and elevates it from a rustic cabin to something a bit more sophisticated.

Here are some inspirational photos

Pretty Bedroom

Lovely Kitchen

Sarah Richard's Summer Home

My Favorite

Source: via Corinne on Pinterest

Whether or not I am allowed to whitewash the house, I will be happy. But I think it would such a great project. All of which I would of course post on here :)

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  1. I love the look of white washed wood! Just think, you are pretty lucky to be able to live in a little farmhouse and have a fresh (decorating) start!